Thursday, June 28, 2007

Senate Shamensty Bill Fails Again

The Amnesty bill that the Senate attempted to foister on American citizens has gone down in glorious defeat. This effectively kills any attempts at immigration reform until at least after 2008. This bill was so egregious & damaging to America's interests that it still amazes us that so-called representatives of America's citizens would have the gall to attempt such a travesty.

This government has still no effective control over our borders. In this day & age of terrorists it is appalling that this condition exists. It is appalling that thugs, criminals as well as terrorists can still get into this country illegally & easily. Have our representatives forgotten 911 so soon? How many more Americans must die at the hands of rapists, child predators, murderers, drunk drivers & drug dealers who get into this country illegally before something is done? How many Americans must be victimized by identity theft before the government stops this insanity?

How long must towns & cities & taxpayers foot the bill for illegals who get our health care, education, welfare & other social benefits? How long must we watch our towns & cities turn into 3rd world enclaves of unassimulated illegals who are overwhelming our culture & traditions? How many towns must go from 10% Hispanic to 70% Hispanic within 10 years because our government refuses to stop the hordes of invaders?

The Senates' easy answer is to make 12-20 million illegals "legal". Voila! No more illegals problem - they are now all legal residents courtesy of Congress.

Congress is no friend to the American public. They are an elite, self-serving, self-interest bunch of swine who are traitors to America's interests. They flat-out lie on tv about what this bill would have done. They are reprehensible. Better that those who vote for such bills as this drop dead. And the sooner the better.


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