Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Amnesty By Any Other Name Is Still Amnesty

President Bush & the Senators who are for the proposed immigration bill keep clamoring that illegal aliens will not be given amnesty if the current bill is passed. They claim that since illegals will have to pay a penalty for citizenship or legal status, that it is not amnesty. Bush is a liar. The Senators are liars. They are playing words games. They are trying to deceive the public.

The day this bill is ever passed is the same day that 12-20 million illegal aliens will be given legal status to remain & work in the USA. They will be given provisional Z-visas - a new made-up visa just for them. They can they apply for a permament Z-visa for $1,000. The visa is renewable, meaning they can remain in this country forever even if they don't pursue citizenship. If they pursue citizenship the total cost will be $5,000. But those waiting to come to this country legally, by the rules, pay out thousands for fees & attorneys & wait 8 - 13 years.

These illegals broke the law by coming here illegally. That will now be overlooked. The taxes they never paid while working will now be overlooked. The fraudulent & stolen Social Security numbers they used to get work will now be overlooked. The fraudulent driver licenses & green cards they bought will now be overlooked. The medical requirements that apply to aliens who enter the country legally will now be overlooked. The fraud they committed to gain social services will now be overlooked.

WE CALL THIS AMNESTY despite what a dipshit President & dipshit Senators call it.

It's nice to know that our Representatives are more concerned with butt-kissing the illegals then controlling the border or looking out for the interests of the American people. They are reprehensible.


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