Friday, May 25, 2007

Senate Again Sells Out Americans

Senate Republicans & Democrats, after meeting secretly, reached a compromise immigration bill that is a complete sellout of the American public. It is worse than the bill the Senate came up with last year. The highlight of the bill is that it would give immediate amnesty & legalization to 12-20 million illegals.

It is so egregious that one wonders how Senators can be so stupid or so arrogant or so detached from the will of the American public. The contents of the bill was enough for the Senate Minority Leader to call it a "piece of sh*t". What's disturbing is that some Republicans who should know better got on board & supported it.

Some of the provisions of the bill:

1. The day this bill ever becomes law, 12-20 million illegals aliens would immediately have their status changed to legal. They would be issued a provisional card allowing them to stay & work in the US.

2. Eventually they would get renewable Z-visas which maintains their legal status indefinitely.

3. There is no requirement for them to apply for citizenship, but if they do so, they would have to pay a $5,000 "fine".

4. Border security would include hiring a few thousand more Border Patrol Officers & the 700 mile fenced enacted into law last year would be shortened to half that. Greater reliance would be put on additional electronic surveillance.

5. Guest workers per year would be set at 400,000.

President Bush & Senate leaders deny this is amnesty, but they're lying. It is obviously amnesty.

There are other stupidities in this bill. The government is given only 24 hours to run a background check on each illegal. It normally takes months to do a thorough background check, but illegals who may have false i.d. are even more problematic. This is pure idiocy. Those who want citizenship would have to pay a $5,000 "fine". Illegals who are gang members would have to sign a statement renouncing their gang ties. Duh. The 600,000 illegal fugitives now on the run would be eligible for legal status. Illegals would not have to pay back taxes, which Americans don't have the luxury to do. Illegals would now be eligible for in-state-tuition, educational loans, & a host of welfare programs. There is no penalty for coming into the country illegally, nor for use of phony social security numbers or driver licenses or other fake i.d. they typically use. Their immediate family is eligible to come into the US, which could swell the population by 40 million. The jump in front of the line of lawfully abiding people who try to get into the country legally. Legalizing all these illegals would cost about $2.5 trillion dollars in government benefits & assistance over 30 years. Your tax dollars. Border security promises will be just that - promises that never get fulfilled.

It goes on & on. These Senators are on drugs or something. This bill is an embarrassment to the Senate & an affront to every American & legal resident. The bill is slated for a vote in June, although the Democrats were hoping to ram it down our throats as early as this coming week, without committee hearings or debate. Amendments are being voted on in the meanwhile.


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Your president sells out.

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