Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Senate Passes Comprehensive Color Bill!!

In a stunning vote to end racism once & for all in this country, the Senate passed a Comprehensive Color bill by a 100-0 vote.

Some highlights of the bill:

Every person of color will immediately be issued a C-visa. This will give them legal, temporary white status. In 4 months they can apply for a regular C-visa at a cost of $1,000 which is renewable every 4 years. Those persons of color who seek a pathway to white citizenship may apply for permanent white status after 8 years at a cost of $5,000. They must also swear they are really persons of color, learn white-speak & pass a white citizenship test.

A beaming Senator Ted Kennedy, Captain of the SS Oldsmobile said, " This will bring the 100 million persons of color in our country out of the shadows & allow them to participate fully & legally in our white country.


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