Monday, January 08, 2007

First-Baby Contest - $25,000 to Illegal Mom

Toys "R" Us held a sweepstake for the first American baby born in the USA on New Years Day. The prize was a $25,000 savings bond. It so happens that 3 tied for first born. In a random draw to determine the winner the prize was given to the baby of an illegal Chinese couple. Toys "R" Us disqualified the baby because the rules stated that the mother must be a legal resident in the country & the prize was given to another baby, whose mother happens to be a black American.

Well, Chinese groups were livid. One Chinese spokesman even said, "But when it comes to this Chinese-American U.S. citizen, she was deprived of $25,000 intended to be used for her college education, because of who her parents are”, adding that Chinese see implications of second-class citizenship that strike an ugly chord.

After the outcry, Toys "R" Us decided to award all the babies the prize.

What strikes us is that Toys "R" Us kowtowed under pressure to revise their rule that only legal resident mothers were eligible. But they recently opened business in China & we understand the economics they are facing.

What is more striking is that the contest rules required the mother to be a legal resident in order to be eligible & Chinese groups are trying to bring up the old saws of racism & second-class citizenship to get around that. This is pure intimidation & race mongoring. What part of "illegal" & "not legal resident" don't these jackasses get? This is typical of the pro-illegal activists - call the opposition racists, nativists & zenophobes.

The Chinese baby is an American citizen - an "anchor baby". That needs to be changed by Congress. A Mexican woman can drop a baby 5 seconds after illegally entering the USA & the baby is an automatic American citizen & eligible for all the benefits that a real American citizen is entitled to. Give us a break.

We should also point out that in New York City 6 out of 10 babies born in the city have immigrant parents. That is a disturbing statistic.


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