Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Elections & Illegal Aliens - What It Means

The recent mid-terms elections gave the Democrats control of the House & Senate. What that means for immigration reform is scary indeed to ponder.

President Bush will be working with a Democrat Congress that is more in tune with his way of thinking about immigration reform than his own Republican base. That is, both the Democrats & Bush want a guest worker program & a "path to citizenship" for the 10-20 million illegal aliens in the country.

The Republican-controlled House recently killed the Senate's irresponsible amnesty bill for illegals & focused primarily on a border control & enforcement bill, which was passed - a 700 mile fence. This will change with the Democrats in control. Big time.

A Democrat-passed immigration bill will most assuredly be signed by Bush. It will effectively reward illegal aliens for not only line jumping over those who legally are trying to enter the country or gain citizenship, but it will reward illegals for breaking U.S. law & coming into the country illegally. It will reward illegals for stealing American's identities in their quest for "documentation" & reward them for the forged & fraudulent green cards, driver licenses, social security cards, etc that they use for work, government benefits & a cover identity.

The 10-20 million illegals will be allowed to bring family into the country, who in turn will bring in their family, who in turn, etc, etc. Government benefits & social services will be open to them & will cost taxpayers billions upon billions. There is no end in sight what an amnesty will cost this country.

Then their is the question of identity of illegals. Their is no sure way of proving they are who they say they are. We will assuredly be giving anmnesty & citizenship to criminals & possibly terrorists. It will cost billions to set up a review process that will be flawed to start with.

But the amnesty that you can expect to see will not solve the problem. It will only increase it. The 1986 immigration reform passed by Congress gave citizenship to 3 million illegal aliens. Coupled with that, border enforcement was to be a part of that law. There was no enforcement. Not only that, but the legalization of 3 million illegals brought a horde of more illegals aliens into the country, hoping for legalization also. The result is that we now have 10-20 million illegals. If they are given amnesty, how many more do you think will come in to the country for their chance also?

It will be a disaster of unimagined proportions when Congress & Bush collaborate to put in to law their immigration "reform." God help the country.


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