Monday, August 28, 2006

Maywood, Mexifornia - An American Town Swallowed

You will notice in this picture that the Mexican flag proudly flies. No, this is not a Mexican town. The Mexican flag is flying above a U.S. Post Office in Maywood, California.

Recently, an anti-illegal immigration group,
Save Our State, held a rally in Maywood to protest that towns' pro illegal immigration policies. They were met by & outnumbered by a counter demonstration of pro-illegal supporters. Besides the racial epithets & vial language hurled at SOS members, they also hoisted a Mexican flag on Post Office property. Eventually police moved in to remove the flag, but it became stuck half-way down.

We have seen pictures like this before. The pro-illegal crowd likes to take down American flags & replace them with Mexican flags. We've seen the swarm of Mexican flags in their large demonstrations over the past few months, that is until word spread that it wasn't helping their cause so low & behold they began showing American flags in their marches & protests.

The point these pro-illegals are making & the point that a lot of people are missing is that unlike immigrants of the past, they have no intention of assimilating into this country. Their loyalty will always be to the cesspool that is Mexico. They will use & abuse this country for their own gains & loyalty to the USA be damned.

A Town Swallowed By The Invasion

Maywood is located in Los Angeles County & has a population of 30,000. We understand that at one time it was out of a Norman Rockwell painting.

From the
VDare immigration site: "In 1970, a majority of the Maywood population was White, with some Blacks and Asians, the total foreign-born population was only 14.4%
In 1980, the Hispanic population in Maywood was more than 80%. By 1980, nearly half (49.3 percent) were foreign-born.
In 1980, there were slightly more than 3,700 White people living in Maywood.
in 2000, there were about 700 whites in Maywood.
In 2000, Maywood was 97% Hispanic. More than 55% of its residents are foreign-born.

"The town encompasses just one square mile and it was never meant to house more than 10,000 people at the most. With three times that many now crammed into every nook and cranny, this small & once charming town is literally bursting at the seams. The last time I drove through Maywood, I was completely astonished by what I saw. There are rows and rows of older, once-quaint but now dilapidated homes -I'm not joking-5 or 6 mailboxes nailed haphazardly to the front each single-dwelling home. There are myriad temporary dwellings such as portable sheds pitched in backyards and rented out as apartments so that 15 or 20 people are all living on the same residential lot. Nothing was written in English. There seemed to be as many stray dogs as there were people roaming about town."

A town defies the law

Maywood declared itself a sanctuary town recently, to join in with Los Angeles, New York & other cities as sanctuaries to illegals. This means that the town will not cooperate with Federal immigration officials & will not allow their police to arrest illegals or notify immigration officials about illegals.

The city council signalled its displeasure with legislation that had recently cleared the US House, voting to disregard the bill's call to classify illegal presence in the US as a felony and to enlist local police in enforcing federal immigration law. It also directed the city's police department to stop towing away cars of drivers who don't have driver's licenses - a practice it said unfairly targeted illegal immigrants, so it eliminated it's Traffic Division! Some community members want to rename one of the city's elementary schools after former Mexican President Benito Juarez!

Welcome to Maywood, Mexifornia. The town is gone, swallowed by the invasion from our southern border. Your town may be next or the next one after that - but it will happen if the derelict Congress & President don't do something to seal the borders, stem the invasion & stop handing out green cards like candy.

Vote only for candidates who are strong on securing our border & stemming the flow of the invasion or you can expect to see a lot of Maywood,Mexifornias.


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