Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Illegal Aliens - Who They Are, What They Bring & What They Take

Illegals aliens are depicted as poor, primarily Mexican, workers who come to America to escape the poverty & low wages of their country & to better benefit their own & their families lives. They are depicted as hard workers who only bring their labor & look for no trouble - they only want to get on with their lives. They are that, but they are so much more than that. With an estimated 10-20 million illegals already in the country & 1 million a year continuing to arrive, they are impacting the US in major ways. Here is the down side of illegal immigration.

1. Illegals break US law by coming here illegally. They compound this law-breaking by generating a market for fraudulent documents, such as driver licenses & social security cards, to facilitate their stay here. They mock those who follow the rules & wait to immigrate here, come their turn.

2. Illegals suppress wages for American workers by working for less than the fair market value of their labor. American businesses, eager to save a buck, take advantage of this.

3. Illegals take jobs from Americans. They do not do work that Americans won't do - that is a worn-out cliche. They do work that they under-bid Americans by. And they are not only in the fields picking fruit. They are in construction, retail, & even professions, making very good money in many cases. Some are in unions, like the Teamsters. They are particularly taking jobs from traditional teen summer employment, as well as jobs from Blacks, where unemployment is traditionally high.

4. Illegals cheat local, state & federal tax revenue by primarily living in a cash only economy. They are paid under the table, cheating the government out of revenue (abetting the business owner who in turn cheats the government). They pay rent in cash (abetting the landlord who in turn cheats the government). It is estimated that over 30% of the Los Angeles economy is cash only.

5. Illegals take from government services far more than they may put into it in the form of taxes. Any taxes illegals pay are dwarfed by the services they extract from government in the form of social service benefits, health care & education for themselves & their families. Literally tens of billions of taxpayer dollars every year flow their way. And this doesn't include fraudulent claims by illegals to get those benefits.

6. Illegal's children strain the K-12 public school system. School enrollment has dramatically increased in many towns & cities - causing crowded classrooms, the additional need for bilingual teachers & services. Illegal's children also are entitled to free lunch & other programs. Taxpayer costs average $10,000 a year to educate these children. Special needs children of illegals can cost up to $80,000 per child per year. Local school districts are increasingly hard put to increase their budget or forced to cut costs in other areas & services.

7. Illegals strain health care services & cost taxpayers billions per year. Hospitals cannot deny health care services to illegals, whether they can pay or not. More & more hospitals are increasingly in the red because the hospitals are stuck with the cost for their services. Many hospitals, particularly in California are closing due to bankruptcy. We have read of 2 illegals receiving dialysis in Ohio at a cost of $100,000 per year. Multiply this nationwide. Taxpayer dollars are better spent on Americans in need of health care. It is also not uncommon for foreigners on legal visas to come to the US & immediately head to a hospital. They get the care here that they cannot get or afford in their own country.

8. Illegals add to traffic congestion & safety concerns. Many illegals are driving, well, illegally. Despite adding to the congestion on our roads, illegals are usually not insured due to inability to get it or due to cost.

9. Illegals bring disease. Not all illegals, of course. But there is no checking them when they illegally cross the border. There has been a dramatic rise of a strain of tuberculosis in California, the largest illegal population in the country, which is particular to south of the border. Hepatitis cases are increasing also, as well as reports of polio in some areas. This not only increases their health care costs, but puts Americans at greater risk.

10. Illegals are a major factor in population increase in the US. It is estimated that by the year 2050, the US population will be 400 million, primarily due to legal & illegal immigration. Illegal immigration, by the way, is now greater than legal immigration per year. A 400 million population produces greater strain on all aspects of the US economy, envirorment & culture.

11. Illegals impact the environment through consumption & use of water resources, more vehicles, more demand for consumables, more wood resources & others resources.

12. Illegals increase the crime rate, especially violent crimes. Crimes have needlessly been committed by some illegals who if not in this country would not be committing their crimes, from petty theft to rape & murder. Illegals as well as Americans are the victims. Young, illegal Latino gang members in particular are on the increase. It is estimated that 40% of Los Angles gang members are illegals. There is a particularly violent Latino gang called MS-13. Primarily from Central America, they are vicious, violent & involved in murder, drugs & a host of crimes. They have spread from California to places like West Virginia & North Carolina. Twenty percent of the Federal prison population consists of illegals convicted of crimes from theft to murder.

13. Illegals are an unknown factor when it comes to who they are. Not only are the worker class entering the US. Entering alongside them are criminals, some violent, fugitives from their country, gang members, drug dealers & drug runners, pychopaths, child molesters, rapists & a whole host of other misfits. They cross the border just as easily as the fruit-picker. And least we not forget - terrorists. Which one of the illegals crossing the border is the farm worker & which is the terrorist? Over 100,00 non-Mexicans a year are arrested, coming from all over the world, as they enter the US illegally from the southern border. They are given a notice to appear in court & then released. They don't show up for court. It is crazy & dangerous to American security to have hundreds of thousands of non-Mexicans living in the US illegally & not knowing their intent or where they are in the country.

14. Illegals have little regard for housing standards. Town after town is finding itself faced with illegals packed into homes. Recently in a New York town 60 illegals were found living in a house. The rooms were wall to wall mattresses & the place was a pig sty. Health code & building code means nothing to illegals, nor to owners who supply the rooming. This problem is increasing dramatically in towns throughout the US. Illegals tend to sublet bedrooms in apartments from strangers or relatives, which is in violation of most housing codes. Illegals are also found to be living in attic or basement rooms, which again is in violation of most housing codes.

15. Illegals are contributing to a revolutionary cultural shift in the US that is too soon & too great. The influx of illegal immigration, coupled with the large legal immigration today, is causing a sea change in towns & cities throughout the country. There is no assimilation. Instead, there is overrun. Towns across the US are finding themselves with a sudden, dramatic increase in Latino, Portuguese, Indian or other populations. It is particularly with the Latino population that the increase is largest. Towns in unlikley places such as in Georgia or Colorado or Minnesota are seeing these changes. Within 10 years, towns have gone from marginal foreign populations to 30-40% foreign. Besides the sudden cultural changes, towns are struggling financially with social services provided & with accommodation to these cultures such as language services. Schools, as noted above, are crowding. Some towns are now coping with so-called day laborer centers, where large groups of men can be seen on street corners, convenience stores & other areas, waiting for contractors & other employers to pull up & hire them for the day. A good deal of these laborers are illegals. Besides an unsightly blight to the area, these laborers are known for urinating in public, harassing passerbys & in some cases committing crimes.

This country is in a mess as can be seen above & the blame falls squarely on Congress & each succeeding President. They have failed to fund & enforce existing laws & programs for border security. After the 911 attacks you would think that they would get serious about border security & control & illegal immigration. But they have not done so & unless grassroots pressure is put on them they will continue to do nothing except throw out cheap talk about the problem. Meanwhile, taxpayers & the public are left to suffer from this illegal invasion of the country.


Anonymous Blue Cross of California said...

Interesting to see illegal aliens affect our health care costs and make such a big difference.

12/27/2005 12:23 AM  
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