Saturday, October 22, 2005

Illegal Aliens - One Crime Leads to Another

Illegal aliens commit a crime the minute they cross the border & set foot inside the United States or if they overstay their visas; either way they are in this country illegally. But this crime necessarily begets additional crimes on their part.

Once in this country, they need identification. There is a large underground economy thriving in document forgery. The illegal aliens turn to this for identification. For usually large sums of money, the illegal aliens can purchase forged social security cards, passports, visa I-94 cards, drivers licenses & other identification. These documents are good enough for them to establish a form of identity for employment & other purposes.

Once they have a form of identification, they can more easily pass in American society. They can also more easily commit crimes of fraud by applying for government benefits such as welfare & health services, using this forged identification.

To be an illegal alien means to constantly live a lie, to cheat or commit additional crimes. They show no respect for American law if that law impedes their illegal stay in this country. The American citizens & taxpayers are the victims. It is time to seal the borders. It is time to send them back.


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