Monday, August 22, 2005

Town To Pay For Day Laborer (Illegals) Site

The small town of Herndon, Va., has decided to use taxpayer dollars to build a Day Laborer Center. Day laborers have been an on-going issue in Herndon. They hang out around the 7-11 store in town. There have been complaints of litter, urination & cat-calling women, not to mention the unsightly crowd of laborers hanging out in the area. Some residents have been reluctant to go into the 7-11 or nearby stores, & businesses have complained.

Not a Protest - Just Day Laborers Waiting for Jobs

The town council has held crowded hearings on the issue & recently voted to have a center established for the laborers, run by the town, in another, more residential area. Naturally, residents in that area are worried about property values & the problems that existed at the 7-11 store.

7-11 Hangout

According to a county report, 99.5 percent of day laborers in Herndon are Hispanic, and 87 percent are illegal immigrants. Employers -- which include contractors, other day laborers and private homeowners -- seek them out for construction, landscaping, painting and janitorial work.

Oh - we neglected to mention that the proposed site for the center is at, yup, the police station.

We wonder why 7-11 never took action to stop the laborers from gathering in their parking lot & at their door. They precipitated the problem. We also wonder why the police, who eagerly chase away 3 or more teenagers from loitering allowed this gathering of laborers. We also note the irony of having mostly illegals who will ply their trade, under the noses of a police station. One councilman said that the police cannot enforce Federal immigration law. But he is wrong.

Day laborer hang-outs are becoming epidemic throughout the country, especially where there are large Hispanic populations, which in turn attracts large numbers of illegals. Many towns have been caught in the sudden surge of Hispanic residents & with it the given of day laborer hang-outs. Farmingville, Long Island, NY, is in the midst of a huge controversy over day laborers in their town.

There is blame to go around. The Federal government has refused to control our borders properly. Towns are too willing to pass the buck of illegal immigration to the Federal government by not allowing their police to become proactive on illegal immigration. Even if they did, the Immigration Bureau fails to provide enough immigration officers in the area & the towns see little or no reimbursement for jailing expenses, etc. Businesses like the 7-11 & Home Depot tolerate & actively condone laborer activity on their property. Contractors, landscapers & the home owner who needs a low cost paint job are to blame.

Coming to a Town Near You

Judicial Watch, a government watchdog group, has advised the Town of Herndon that they are going to file a law suit to stop the taxpayer funded center. We will keep you posted.


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