Wednesday, October 05, 2005

New Haven's Nutty Idea - Issue I.D.'s to Illegals

New Haven, Conn., as part of an Hablamos Espanol (We Speak Spanish) program to facilitate Spanish speaking residents, has decided to issue city i.d.'s to illegal aliens. The mayor of New Haven, John DeStefano Jr., wants to give illegal immigrants a legitimate form of ID so they can open bank accounts, prove their identity to police and access social services. New Haven has 25,000 Latinos, half of which are illegals.

"Does anybody in New Haven understand that they are breaking the immigration law?", said Elise Marciano, Danbury chapter president of the Connecticut Citizens for Immigration Control." You are not supposed to aid and abet illegal aliens," Marciano added. "They have no documents. They could give you any name. They could go and get 15 different ID cards with different names. How would you know?"

What part of "illegal" doesn't the mayor understand? Yes, he is breaking Federal law in that he is aiding & abetting illegal aliens in the form of identification. What part of "fraudulent identity" or "alias" doesn't the mayor understand. Can we expect illegal aliens to give their real names when they apply for the identity card? Unlikely.

The mayor is opening up a can of worms here. But since he is a gubernatorial candidate, he may be using it to fish for votes. He is sadly mistaken if he thinks this will garner him votes. As illegal immigration gets more out of control, more Americans are fed-up with elected officials who coddle & cater to illegals & their supporters.


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