Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A Country Unto Themselves

The estimated illegal population in the USA ranges from 11 million to 20 million & growing rapidly. If these numbers are compared to the population of countries throughout the world, the results are stunning.

An 11 million illegal population is larger than 154 of the 227 recognized countries. Larger than Greece, Portugal, Hungary, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Israel, Jordan, Ireland, New Zealand, Belgium, Kuwait...well, you get the idea.

A 20 million illegal population is larger than 175 of the 227 recognized countries. It is tied with Australia, larger than the above countries & larger than Syria, The Netherlands, Guatemala, Chile, Cambodia, Ecuador, Cuba...well, you get the idea.

Ten to twenty percent of Mexico is...well, illegally in the USA!

Twenty five percent of births in the USA are now to foreign born mothers.

Population growth in the USA is now primarily due to immigration, legal & illegal. At current growth rates the projected USA population in 2050 will be 400 million.

Houston...we have problem here.

Thank you Congress, thank you President Bush for doing nothing about it.


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