Monday, March 13, 2006

Illegals Wrongly Demand "Rights"

An estimated 100,000 demonstrated in Chicago the other day in protest to pending Federal legislation that would tighten the U.S.-Mexican border, increase enforcement of illegal aliens & criminalize illegal presence in the country.

Rep. Luis Gutierrez, a Democrat, said, "This is our country, and this is where we will stay." Gov. Rod Blagojevich addressed the crowd in Spanish saying, "You are not criminals. You are workers."

What these demonstrators, as well as the Governor, fail to grasp is that illegals in this country should have no "rights". They are, after all, in this country illegally. It matters not whether they are only here for jobs & wish only to live peacefully. They are in the country illegally. It costs government in education, health care & other social services. They are in fact taking taxpayer dollars that could be better spent on - dare we say it - legal citizens.

Add to this the predominantly cash only pay from their jobs, the failure to pay taxes, the jobs taken away from - dare we say it - legal citizens, the inherent i.d. theft & fraudulent documents that comes with being illegal in this country, not to mention the sudden swarming of towns that can not handle the massive influx of illegals, & there is every reason to wonder why every Federal agent was not at the demonstration arresting the illegals there.

Let's not forget the terrorsts, criminals, thugs, gang members & drug runners that cross that same border as the poor working class illegal. Nor should we forget the unchecked diseases that cross that border.

Illegal rights? Yeah, right.


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