Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Embracing Illegals

Such is the title of this article in Business Week magazine. The article focuses on the many companies that are looking at the buying power of at least 11 million "undocumented immigrants" (the politically correct term for illegal aliens in the article).

We understand a business trying to get as many customers as possible, legal or illegal. There is no law against selling to illegals; as opposed to businesses who hire illegals, well - illegally.

However, we are concerned that businesses are too quick to accept false identification or the infamous Matricula Consular card - an i.d. card issued by Mexico. The Matricula card is fraught with fraud. Its only purpose by Mexico is to provide some form of i.d. to illegals to help them in their new life in Los Estados Unidos. More than half the cards issued by Mexico are to illegals. By accepting such i.d., businesses help illegals & maybe terrorists establish an identification "respectability" & profile, whether that i.d is valid or not. An established i.d. leads to other forms of enterprise & benefits. But hey, business is business, right?

One point in the article caught our attention: "Camila and Diego Sandoval (not their real names), walked off a plane from Lima, Peru, four years ago as tourists and never went back to their professional jobs. Diego, 33, got work parking cars but soon went into business for himself designing pools and processing construction permits. Camila, 29, joined him after a stint at a hotel. Together, the two now pull down $120,000 a year. Last year, Camila obtained residency papers by making a marriage of convenience to a friend who is a legal resident. But when Diego tried to become legal the same way, he soon found that his bride had been fictitiously married 11 times. So he filed for a divorce rather than risk an interview with immigration officials."

What this part of the article conveniently does not tell you is that they broke US immigration law by overstaying ( 4 years & counting now) their tourist visa. This is a common way for illegals to get into the country. They check in, but they never have an intention of checking out. The other part that is telling is that Camila committed a felony by getting a phony marriage of convenience in order to obtain legal residency in the US. Poor Diego tried the same thing, but he can try again. There is always someone else willing to get paid thousands of dollars by the "Sandovals" for a phony marriage. You better believe that this "marriage of convenience" crime is repeated thousands of times in the US by illegals.

We also have to wonder if Camila & Diego have ever paid income taxes on their $120,000 income or Social Security taxes or State taxes or unemployment taxes or business taxes? And if they are, did they get the capital to start their own business by the savings from not paying income taxes in the formative years of their "overstay"?

Illegal aliens, like the "Sandovals" are by definition cheaters. They cheat to get into the country, they cheat to get residency in the US with phony marriages. They cheat by not paying taxes. It stands to reason that they have a proclivity to cheating further down the road, be it with cash salaries, cash rents of illegal apartments or any myriad forms available to them.

Meanwhile, business is business. Read the article.


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